JSC «Zelenodolsk Plant named after A.M. Gorky»
Russian Federation, Tatarstan, Zavodskaya St., 5, Tel.: 8 (843‒71) 5‒76‒10, e-mail: info@zdship.ru

Development strategy and action plan

JSC «Zelenodolsk plant named after A.M. Gorky» is one of the largest and dynamically developing diversified enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan. This is proved by record of achievement comprising laureate diplomas for all-Russia competitions such as The Best Exporter of 2010 and The Best Supplier of 2011. 

Key business lines:

Business logistics are organized in such a way that the above business lines complement each other enhancing the company’s production process efficiency.

In cooperation with the marketing department the plant’s management has worked out strategic goals for the period of 2012-2014, the majority of which is focused on getting the top profits by creation of competitive products on the basis of optimization of the available production facilities using principles of lean production, modernization and technical reequipment, improvement of labor management and advancing of the production culture. 



Principle goals of the plant within naval shipbuilding area are as follows:

      — to increase the production output of combat ships of various modifications with a displacement of 500 – 2200 t for Russian security structures;

   — to promote the products of naval shipbuilding to the international market in cooperation with the JSC Rosoboronexport.



The plant’s management has singled out a top-priority niche for development of the civil shipbuilding for the period of 2011-2014, comprising combined river- and sea-going transport vessels and fast passenger vessels of aluminum-magnesium alloys.



The plant is planning to reach a volume of the most marketable products output amounting to 2.5 bln rubles, which is its strategic objective by:

— developing the market of gas equipment along the line of import substitution for OOO Gazprom UGS;

— developing the market of gas equipment for gas-condensate fields of OAO Gazprom;

— developing the market of equipment for OAO Tatneft;

— developing the market of drilling equipment;

— maintaining the leadership in output of marine machine engineering products.

The main objective in the metallurgical production is to reach the volume of output amounting to 2 bln rubles, to gain the house and foreign markets of titanium castings, and to implement and use titanium and its alloys in the areas, where it has not been ever used before.


Worked-out strategy of business development comprises systematic growth in production, securing and expanding sales markets, enhancement of the plant’s production performance, primarily by means of technical reequipment program, as well as the rise in profitability of the goods produced. Execution of the strategic program will enable the plant to increase the output in 2014 by 3 times in comparison with 2010.

At present technological projects on technical reequipment and modernization of available production facilities are being gradually implemented. One of the main objectives of the strategic program for the nearest future is to increase regular labor force and to improve the qualifications of the personnel.