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Нам 122 года

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The “working horse” of the fleet.

The “working horse” of the fleet.

This name was given by the admiral of the Soviet Union’s fleet Sergey Sergeevich Gorshkov to the small antisubmarine ships of «Albatros» project. The plant has constructed 44 ships of this project and its modifications (out of 92).

Being employed by the USSR NAVY Albatros small antisubmarine ships appeared to be the most outstanding ships of the given type produced on a large-scale. 

The Millenium bridge.

The Millenium bridge.

The Millenium bridge is one of the highest bridges in Kazan. Being the present of the plant timed to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan now it connects the microdistricts of the city located on the opposite banks of the Kazanka river.

The bridge had been built within the record-breaking period of 8 months. The total length of the bridge is 1524 m. The main feature of the bridge is the M-shaped pylon. The highway bridge traffic capacity is 15000 motor vehicles per day.