JSC «Zelenodolsk Plant named after A.M. Gorky»
Russian Federation, Tatarstan, Zavodskaya St., 5, Tel.: 8 (843‒71) 5‒76‒10, e-mail: info@zdship.ru

Drilling equipment

Dual-link elevators of "Khalatyan" type. EKhL 60-15, EKhL 73-25, EKhL 89-35 (Technical specifications OO 3668-004-00220302-96)

Dual-link elevators of «EKhL» type are designed for holding and keeping tubing strings suspended during round-trip operations when making current and major repairs of field wells under moderate and cold climatic conditions of macroclimatic regions as per GOST 16350-80, climatic execution: „O“, „OE“; item category is I as per GOST 15150-69.

Casing elevators of "KM" type (OO 26-02-933-89), of "YE" (YI) type (OO26-02-945-82)

Designed for holding and keeping drill string and or casing column suspended during round-trip operations.

Double-line drilling links

Designed for hanging of elevators on hooks of drilling rig during round-trip operations when drilling oil and gas wells. OO 26-02-998-85