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Pipe fittings

Ball valve with retrievable chokes “КШ”

The valve serves as a locking device and a flow regulator being the part of wellhead equipment employed in injection wells.

Swing check valves КОП-50х10, КОП-150х10, КОП-200х4, КОП-250х10, КОП-250х4, КОП-300х10, КОП-300х4, КОП-400х10, КОП-400х4.

The valve design makes it possible, if required, to carry out repairs or to replace the seat and the clack without dismounting of the valve from the pipeline system.

Sliding shutter designated for a pressure of up to 105 MPa

Parallel solid gate valve, gate sealing «metal-metal» and manual drive.

Check valves of "KO" type: КО-100х21Б, КО-150х21Б, КО-100х21С, КО-150х21С, КО-100х21, КО-150х21, КО-100х21Ф, КО-150х21Ф

Check valves КО-100х21Б, КО-150х21Б with flangeless cover, КО-100х21С, КО-150х21С with flangeless cover and body for welded connection; check valves КО-100х21, КО-150х21 with flanged cover and body, and КО-100х21Ф, КО-150х21Ф with flanged cover and the body for welded connection are designated for prevention of the reverse flow of working fluid in pipelines under conditions of moderate and cold macroclimatic region GOST 16350-80.

Sliding shutters

Sliding shutters Dn 1/16», 31/16», 41/16» made from titanium alloys serve as a reliable locking device in wellhead equipment used at oil and gas fields.

Gate valves of "ЗМШ" type: ЗМШ-40х21, ЗМШ-65х21М, and ЗШ-65х35

Gate valves ЗМШ-65х21 and ЗМШ-65х21М are used as a locking device in wellhead equipment of injection wells as well as in pipelines and seam pressure maintenance systems located in regions with moderate climate as per GOST-16350. D = 65 mm, P = 21 MPa

Water gate valve of "ЗВ" type

The water gate valve is a reliable locking device designed to cut off working fluid flow in pipelines of oil-and-gas production enterprises.

Quick-closing flap valve of "КЗ 300" type.

Designed to prevent steam reverse flow from manifold of heat supply network into the turbine. For quick closure of the valve the hydraulic drive is fitted with an accelerator for positive closing.