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Metal structures

Ponton bridge across the Kazanka River

The pontoon bridge across the Kazanka River connecting the center of Kazan with recently built residential micro-districts is a construction consisting of nine barges, reequipped with special hitchings and meeting the requirements to the roads of the fourth group. The width of the bridge is 13 m that provides three-lane traffic; the length of the bridge is about 500 m.

The bridge across the Kama in the region of Sorochi Gori

The bridge includes the following: fore-bridge overpass with weight of 500 t, length of 275 m; bridge across the Kama River, weighting ~ 10000 t, with length of 1600 m; bridge across Arkharovka River, with weight of ~ 1500 t, length — 546 m.

“Millennium” bridge

The «Millennium» bridge is the highest bridge in Kazan. Its construction started in the beginning of year 2004, the first line was put into operation on 29th of July, 2005.